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Podiatrist approved shoes

State of Solace is a podiatrist owned shoe store located at 27 Beewar St, Greensborough. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of shopping centres our boutique footwear store is a quiet sanctuary in the backstreets of Greensborough.

State of Solace offers stylish shoes that won’t hurt your feet. We saw how difficult it was for our clients to find shoes that were good for their feet and also looked good. 

Suitable runners were easy to come by but sourcing shoes that they could wear day to day or to work was much more difficult and these are the shoes they are in most hours of the day. 

Despite our advice, clients would often turn up to appointments wearing shoes that were causing pain and sometimes even damage. We decided to make the good-shoe buying experience easier and have brought together all the best shoe brands under the one roof to help the community find that ‘State of Solace’ when looking for suitable shoes. 

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