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Wear all of your favourite flats with the confidence that your feet will support you from commute to cocktails, now and in the future! Our revolutionary EB FLATS insoles are podiatrist-designed & scientifically formulated to blend MEDIGEL® X HEXAGEL® to cushion, support and balance the foot whilst seamlessly fitting into all styles of your favourite flats including sandals, boots, mules, ballet flats, sneakers & runners. Better yet, these beauties are skin stickable and are the perfect boost of support for Pilates, yoga, dance & barre classes!


  • Plantar fasciitis / arch pain treatment
  • Heel spur off-loading donut 
  • Metatarsal support for bunion & hammer toe prevention & relief
  • Luxurious foot comfort suitable for pronated, neutral & supinated foot postures
  • Transferable & reusable insoles with sustainable packaging & postage
  • Skin-stickable for use with a grip sock for Pilates, Yoga, Barre & dance